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    NYT Connections - a creative pattern-finding word game. the nyt has lots of free daily puzzles, but this is my favorite.

    Globle - a geography game! every day you guess a new mystery country. there are also several daily games from this site, including globle with world capitals. the creators have several other daily games, too

    Octordle - this is wordle with 8 words, but you get 13 guesses

    Kilordle - 1000 words and you get 1005 guesses. this game is functionally useless to me bc i am not that patient. however it is very funny

    Set - a pattern-finding game

    Drugdle - for my fellow pharmacy nerds. guess a new drug every day! tbh i do not know a lot of the drugs on here, so good luck lol

    The Wikipedia Game - race from one wikipedia page to another. new prompts daily

    free in-browser

    The Ratchelor - a rat dating sim in the style of the bachelor tv show. very adorable i am in love with so many of these rats

    rats lol - lots of nice drawings of rats! that's it.

    Rotating Sandwiches - rotating sandwiches

    Tetr.io - competitive online tetris

    Gartic Phone - pictionary/telephone-based party game

    The Higher Lower Game - guess which thing is googled more often

    Sporcle - random user-made quizzes

    JetPunk - more random quizzes

    The Auction Game - guess the prices of items sold at auctions

    free downloads

    Setris - sooooo ig the original setris got taken down due to copyright infringement, but this is by the same creator and is the same game lol. it's sand tetris!!

    Friday Night Funkin' - fun, funky rhythm game

    Clone Hero - a guitar hero clone, where u can download user-made charts to play lots of additional songs :)