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welcome! this is a log of all the concerts i've been to, in reverse chronological order, with fun pictures and videos and memories. please listen to all of my favorite music thank you thank you thank you

note: i'm making this page early 2024, so some of the older concerts do not have anything really attached to them bc i do not remember anything ever. teehee

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The Toxhards

5/9/24 - Deep Ellum Art Company

i'm so in love with them, in the only way a lesbian fawning over her latest freaks can be. my friend and i dressed up as aengus and the butcherman, respectively, and quite a few other people did, too!

they did so many bits during this show. the first one was them walking onstage, playing a single note, going "thanks!" and then leaving. we all chanted "encore," and then they came on stage and started the real show. (with a 10 minute instrumental rush cover lol. they played it bc one of the girls in the front wore a rush shirt, and it was really good!) during the coffee song, they brewed a pot of coffee on the stage and passed it out to the audience. i was thrilled, bc i had a big day of finals and traffic and was completely exhausted. the coffee was not good. during doombop, they got everyone to fucking SHRIEK. they kept pointing at specific people in the audience to scream as loud as possible. when they pointed to my friend, they were very impressed by the screech they let out. when rearranging the stage, they did a little segment called "matt's anime hour," where their lead guitarist infodumped about his favorite shows until they continued their set. after aengus and the butcherman's lament, they played a little mocked-up ken burns documentary with aengus heading out west, and aengus came back out in a cute cowboy outfit over the pig suit. they played "crud," which they explained was their copyright-infringement-free idea of what a creed song /could/ sound like. they played goofy goober rock, and ended on take me home country roads. a very silly set from a very silly band, and i loved every second of it.

they also played a decent amount of new music, and promised a new album soon! all of the new songs were soooo good. i can't wait until it gets released for real. i need it on my album wall more than anything lol.


2/22/24 - Beer City Music Hall

WOW this was a good show. it was my first real concert where i went alone and i had such a blast. i felt a little weird about dancing super hard at first, but after they played "dance like it's your life" the crowd was a lot looser, so i danced more and it was SO FUN. i liked the opener more than i thought i would, i'm def gonna add a couple of their songs to my playlist. i loved their use of powerpoint esque visuals. they started by playing an edited version of the amc intro, with "thump" instead of amc and "thumpasaurus" instead of movies. they also edited their music videos onto the movie screen. all the songs had lyrics or pictures or something going on. i thought it was really creative and it was something i hadn't seen before, so it was very cool to experience it.

another significant thing about this show was the heckling. it wasn't malicious, but it was a lil annoying. lucas called the dude out in a very silly/polite way and told him if he could just be quiet for a bit, he'd make it worth it. and then he sang the intro to "you are so pretty" to the guy (jake). another girl heckled him later, and he just kinda stopped, smiled, and remarked on how it was nice that even though they're supposed to be the ones entertaining us, boy did we sure entertain them. it was also their first time in okc, so i hope they come back!

one of the best things they did was give a little spotlight to each band member, where they could play a (batshit insane) solo. they're genuinely such talented musicians. like mind boggling. and it was super cool to see people who know what they're doing and are really fucking good at it. all in all an INCREDIBLE show i'd 100% see them again

The Mountain Goats

1/24/24 - Tower Theater

i didn't do my concert homework (listening to entire discography) for this show, but in my defense it was kind of a lot. this did bite me in the ass tho, bc i sadly did not know most of the songs they played. this was also a very chill show - they only had john and matt instead of a full band. the crowd was a little dead imo. i'm not sure if it was bc everyone was relaxing and taking in the music, or if they were like me and also did not know hardly any of their songs (rip). i was kinda hype and in the mood to dance and scream and this show was NOT that, but i recognize that's on me. i still had a good time tho - they played the big hits ofc, and i enjoyed hearing parts of their discography i hadn't gotten around to exploring. i did scream my ass off when they played the songs i knew (so sorry u can totally hear it in the recordings). i still enjoyed the show, but i'll probably wait a while before trying to see them again (once again, ON ME).

the part that struck me the most about this show was one of john's stories. he talked about how he was affected by some tragedy and wrote a poem about it, and fell into the trap of young poets who assume their poems are good just because there's emotions behind them. he read the poem to his professor (or similar, i can't remember), and the man said "you don't feel much, do you?" it just struck me because i don't write much poetry, and if i do it's mostly horseshit about whatever i need to get out of me. i don't have the skills to refine my feelings into something communicable. definitely not something poetic. i may get around to working on that someday, but for now i'll stick with appreciating others' art.

last important part - they played golden boy?? i didn't realize that was a big deal (once again, ON ME). i had never heard the song before but it GOT me like yeah man i DO wanna have golden boy peanuts waiting in the afterlife for me. anyway, that ended up being my top song for the next few weeks bc the brain rot. and the peanuts. u know how it is. and i'm glad i got to discover that song later rather than never.

Jeff Rosenstock

12/2/23 - Ferris Wheeler's Backyard and BBQ

this was a fun one! i fucking love jeff. this concert was outside in 40 degree weather, so i really got the whole temperature spectrum for 2023 concerts (or, at least as far in either direction as you can get in the south). i went with my parents, and my dad bought me bbq and a drink. it was super fun! i love punk shows. the pit was kinda wild, i didn't go in but i loved to watch. they started by playing chop suey by soad over the speakers, then the band came out and started playing a cover along with the track. which was great bc there's a good chance i'm never seeing soad lol. best part was when jeff said "FUCK GREG ABBOTT!!!!!!!! anyway this next song is about jerking off and then finding out your friend died" and started playing nausea. i didn't do my concert homework for this one so i honestly didn't know the song, but after i found it and fell so in love with it for the next couple weeks. this show actually made me want to listen to his other stuff more (since i only really know worry), and now i can confidently say he's one of my favorite artists. :)

punk show!! (Inferna, Shaka, Primal Brain)

7/20/23 - the um. the library

this was baby's (me) first punk show! i wasn't sure what to expect, but i loved it. i had never seen an actual pit like that before, and it was so great to watch. i love punks bc u can kinda just move and scream and do whatever - just let the music go through you and wiggle with it. it's very freeing. this was also on the fourth floor of a public library?? and it was insane??? i didn't really expect much from it but everyone, bands and crowd, went HARD. epic.

i also met a couple nice punks there. they were super welcoming. i'll probably never see them again, but it's nice to meet people way outside your normal social sphere (my friends all are, and always have been, overachieving nerds), and have those people rule. grateful for them hope they're doing well.

Fall Out Boy, Daisy Grenade

6/28/23 - Dos Equis Pavilion

wahoo my third time seeing fall out boy! which feels INSANE to me. they have been my favorite band since middle school tho, so i guess it makes a certain sense. this was an outdoor concert during a june heat wave, so it was 107 outside :0 . easily the sweatiest i have ever been at a concert.

the best part of this show was i got to go with some old friends. :') i don't get to see them very often, and this was a special thing for us to all do together. we did not have good seats, but we are in college so we got what we could get. we also were technically separated, but we convinceed the kind people around us to scooch so we could all sit together.

i was really excited to see daisy grenade! i only discovered them bc of this tour, and i really like them. i did have sunscreen in my eyes for their entire set, tho, so my eyes were burning the whole time they wer on stage. but it was worth it!

i love fall out boy. did i mention i love fall out boy? i really liked that they played so many of their slightly-less-popular songs for this tour, bc i know all their songs and i got to show that off (i mean, experience them live haha). they played "the afterlife of the party" as their rotating song, which is not my favorite but i was still stoked to hear it live. i am jealous of the show that got G.I.N.A.S.F.S., tho. they played like the first half of what a catch and i lost my damn mind. how could i not. IT'S WHAT A CATCH. i remember they also played a cover of crazy train, and i did know all of the words to it, to which one of my friends looked over and said "of course you would." i don't remember anything else specific, but i remember being sweaty and happy and with people who care about me. credits to one of my friends for the fob videos.

Colony House


oh, i had a weird fucking time at this show. i was supposed to go with someone but they completely ghosted me, so i sat alone waiting for them for literally so long. luckily, i ran into a friend of a friend who invited me to hang out with his friend group. they were cool and fun people! after the show, we ran around chasing rabbits (dead sober), got taco bell (surprisingly, still sober), and went to one of their friend's dorms to watch megamind. it was my first time watching megamind. megamind is very good.

the show was ok, i wasn't amazed but i liked it alright. i only really loved "you know it." but hey, i still had a good time!

Shinedown, The Struts

9/24/21 - Zoo Amphitheater

also had kind of a weird time at this show?? i was supposed to go with one friend pre-covid, then covid happened, and i ended up going in a different state with a different friend that i didn't know nearly as well. she hadn't been to a concert before, and she didn't listen to shinedown at all, but she still seemed to have a good time.

we were at, like, the VERY back of the lawn for this one, so i could not see shit. i wish i could have seen the struts better, bc their lead singer seemed to have such a magnetic stage presence. they put on a great show, and i was pleasantly surprised.

i think i used to like shinedown more than when i went to this show. i still like their music, but i wasn't as into it as i expected to be. i think they did a good job playing their songs, but there weren't many differences between the recordings and the live show, and i didn't think their stage presence was as exciting as i wanted it to be. it was ok, but i was a bit disappointed. also, where we were so far back, i was the only person around us getting super into it lol.

most important part of this show TO ME is when they played second chance. i recently moved and had to say goodbye to all my close friends and family. (not permanently, but enough to where it hurt.) it just, really got me. and it helped me get through that time. like i said, i still like shinedown, i'm just not as obsessed as i was at 14.

Jukebox the Ghost

9/11/21 - Trees

man they killed it.

Green Day, Fall Out Boy, The Interrupters

7/24/21 - Globe Life Field

Myles Kennedy

12/8/18 - Canton Hall

Shaman's Harvest

7/24/18 - Trees

Fall Out Boy

11/8/17 - ACAC

Panic! At the Disco


Katy Perry

10/2/14 - ACAC