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Poetry Book

A small collection of poems that mean a lot to me, formatted into a little booklet that can be leafed through.


Fic Rec Library

Some of my favorite fics from the past few years.


TV recs

My favorite TV shows, grouped by genre, with nice descriptions of why I love them.


Movies to watch

  • dog day afternoon
  • the cat who wore sunglasses
  • the celluloid closet
  • sound of metal
  • wwdits
  • interview with the vampire
  • akira
  • parasite
  • videodrome
  • the green knight
  • ghost in the shell
  • kill bill
  • debs
  • tokyo fist
  • calamity jane
  • juno
  • the thing
  • we're all going to the world's fair
  • tank girl
  • love on fire
  • lost boys (1987)
  • v for vendetta
  • crouching tiger hidden dragon
  • the handmaiden
  • the muppet movie (original)
  • some like it hot
  • angels in america
  • heavenly creatures
  • the mummy
  • phantom of the paradise


  • crush -siken
  • time is a mother -vuong
  • i'm glad my mom died -mccurdy
  • strong female character -brady
  • the stranger -camus
  • quest for the cure -stockwell
  • no exit -sartre
  • born a crime -noah
  • blink -gladwell
  • infectious fear -roberts jr.
  • killers of the flower moon -grann
  • tender is the flesh -bazterrica

TV to watch

  • the terror
  • hannibal
  • revue starlight
  • fleabag
  • midnight mass
  • leverage
  • house md

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