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  • 4/19/24

    thinking a lot about fiber arts and technology tonight. it started with this video by engineering knits on youtube. she goes through the process of how she grew her own flax, processed it into fiber, spun it into yarn, and then wove it into an actual piece of fabric. i didn't know anything about flax processing, or really any of its properties as a textile, before this video, so it was very cool to see how much work goes into something we often take for granted. i also learned more about weaving. i knew the general concepts, but i liked seeing her loom in action.

    after that, i watched this video about jacquard weaving and early computer programming from the same channel. i then watched some videos to see the jacquard loom being used. it's incredible how dedicated people have been historically to fabric production, especially with the variety in patterns produced. i also watched this video on an affordable, interactive version of the jacquard loom. i didn't fully understand this one, but it seemed really interesting.

    the engineering knits video about the loom also mentioned the embroidered computer by irene posch. this is a functional 8-bit computer that has been embroidered onto a piece of fabric, and it's really cool! the same artist also made a knitted fm radio transmitter. there is also a pattern available as part of the piece. this is just. absolutely mind boggling to me. i love art that is functional, and i love art that makes you reevaluate your understanding of something. i wish i knew more about computers, but i guess i'm slowly learning? anyway, i thought these pieces were radical and i wanted to share :)


    i have. so many ideas for things to do to my car. i've been watching a lot of diy car videos on pinterest. it all started with one of the galaxy starry light roof things which is so amazing but would be such a pain in the butt for me to do. i really want to make some astroturf floor mats, crochet a nice soft steering wheel cover with some green velvet yarn i have, and add stickers. i may eventually put some of my flower garlands around the roof or the backs of my seats bc i don't really have a great spot for them in my apartment. i also may get some of the child glow in the dark stars to stick to the roof. i also saw some floor lights on amazon that are absolutely sick and i might have to get something like that, too.

    i just finished my fish necklace! i made some fish-shaped beads out of air-dry clay, painted them, sealed them, and strung them up with some other beads on a cute little necklace. i might put a picture of it on here but i'm too sleepy rn, despite it only being 9:30pm

    i also might get into bird watching. i saw a cool site with a birdwatching page, and i've been bouncing the idea around since then. one of my newer friends is apparently into it, too. i thought he just knew a lot about birds for no reason, but i guess he's solidly a birder. so! we shall see. i also keep seeing birds in my neighborhood where i realize i have no idea what they are. they're normal birds, i just don't know what to call them, and i guess that's started to bother me lol. i think it would be really fun but i'm not committed just yet.

    BIG FUCKING NEWS went back to that site bc i really like their album page, took a gander at their code, and i think i now know how to position sticker-like pngs so they're mostly responsive. i think i hope i can't wait to test it out


    more eventual page ideas... would love to do some sort of closet/fashion/outfits page. i have a bunch of clothes that i like and want to show off, but i don't think any of my outfits are complex enough to warrant like, a look book or something. or maybe i could muck about and style some nice ones and make a flip-through lookbook page, kind of like the poetry book. i don't want to do a closet page where i photograph all my clothing bc that would take forever, but it could be fun to do that with my wacky socks or something.

    could also do some sort of knick knack shelf with some of my real life knick knacks. i think it's so fun when sites have elements of real spaces and real collections in them. it feels more personal and like they are, in fact, an actual human and not some rando on the internet. idk could be fun but we shall see


    man, life's been weird/rough lately. i'm not gonna talk about that here, but i do want to say i'm really grateful for this website. it's been a small but persistant source of joy for me lately, when it seems like i'm incapable of finding joy in my other hobbies. it's also really cool to see the community around neocities. it's so old school, it feels like when i was a kid and i'd run into another kid at the grocery store and get excited because we liked the same things and then run off and never see them again. i'm into it.

    i have an idea for a painting. i've done a mock up, and i've got references ready to go. i'm still nervous to start. it's been so long since i've made any art and i want to not suck at it. realistically it'll be fine, but like aaaaaaaaaa. i need to do some media experimentation before i can do some of the piece, and in theory that should excite me, but it doesn't right now. i think as of right now i like the idea of making art more than the actual reality of it, which seems crazy! art has been my #1 hobby since i was a kid, and i haven't really made anything in over a year. idk.

    i also have some ideas for the site to jot down. as far as finishing current pages, i need to: link some more recipes and write my own, finish my concert journal, finish my tv recs, and photograph my crochet works and put them in the art gallery. as far as future ideas, i think it would be fun to do a crossword intro/solving tips guide, a bunch of links to site building/html resources/fun neocities stuff, links to my favorite online games, maybe a beginner's crochet guide and/or patterns i've used and liked and/or my general crochet opinions? i also think it would be fun to do some more shrines, maybe for some of my favorite music (i have a lot to say about worry, will wood, next to normal, and les mis especially). eventually i think it could be cool to have a sort of art gallery thing for some of my favorite artists. i definitely want to learn how to use iframes on this page so i can do more writing and less formatting for some of these. we'll see where it takes me!


    once agin just trying to show off that scroll property. i learned how to style scrollbars! look at me go!

    gonna jot down some ideas i have. for tv recs page: a tv with a pic of the show and a lil description next to it, with buttons so u can click thru and see all the dif shows (like changing a channel) + a menu styled like a tv guide with links to everything, grouped by genre. for book page: right side has 3 columns of images of books (preferably off-kilter for interest), and right has a space where if u click on an image on the left it'll pop up a pic of the book with a summary, plus my review on why i liked it. could be fun could be cute sadly i would need to learn how to actually make those functional, which may involve some java (big fear). but could be fun could be cute


    made this page today! i don't have any big plans for it, just mainly making a space where i can organize some thoughts in the future. i eventually want to use this page to catalogue some of my art processes, like writing down patterns for my crochet pieces or talking a bit about my inspiration for my art pieces and how i take that inspiration from an idea to a finished artwork. there's a lot more to my art process now than there used to be, and i think it could be cool to write down my processes so i can refer back to them later.

    projects i'm thinking about right now: i really want to make a crochet market/grocery bag so i don't have to keep wasting plastic bags on my produce at the store. could i just reuse existing grocery bags? absolutely, but i have some rainbow cotton yarn that i think would make a beautiful bag. plus, it seems like a simple enough project that i could actually finish it (yay). originally i was gonna make a lace-up crop top with it, but i don't think that style suits me as much now as it used to. or maybe it's just winter.

    i'm also pretty pleased with how this page turned out. it didn't take too long to put together, it seems responsive enough, and i was able to make a page with the layout i actually wanted, which i don't always do bc i still don't know anything about css. idk if i can make it so it shows up as a full screen with the height, bc it looks ok on my (small) laptop but i'm worried it'll look rough on other computers. also, i'm writing a lot bc i want to show off that overflow-y property ayooo

    also, really loving these pngs. will 100% have to use more in the future. should maybe put some on my home page hmmm